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Add Extra Space with a Screened Porch

Everyone could use a little extra space at home.  Why not give yourself room to grow with a screened porch?  If you’ve already got the outdoor area, you can make it much more functional by adding quality screens and practical design elements.  It’s an easy, inexpensive way to try the indoor/outdoor living trend!

For More Versatility

We’ve had beautiful weather lately!  But anyone who’s lived in Maryland long enough knows how quickly that can change. Depending on the year, we might get only a few months of porch-sitting season.  Or it could be a majority of the time!  Rather than leave this to chance, you can transition your porch into a four-seasons room of sorts with the right screening.  Although your screened porch should still provide the views and air flow you’d expect from being outside, it should also shield you from more extreme conditions.  Including winds, rain, and rapid temperature changes.  Plus, it’s much easier to regulate conditions inside this area, versus a traditional porch. Imagine how you can use this versatile space in every season!

For More Privacy

Sometimes you want to enjoy your outdoor space with just a bit more privacy.  That’s where a screened porch has one serious advantage. Although they’re not as thick as walls, high quality screens will act as an additional barrier against you and the outside world.  That means more shade, less noise, and less visibility overall.  It’s the perfect extra element to ensure you can have those quiet moments on your own screened porch.  While still being able to open up the space during block parties and other outdoor entertaining.

For More Value

Although you can extend your livable space with other home improvement projects—including additions—screened porches are definitely the budget-friendly option.  With home additions, the cost will vary depending on how much square footage you’re considering.  On average, though, it’s about $100 to $200 per square foot.  However, when we use a porch or deck you already have in place, we’re able to cut construction costs drastically! 

You should still invest in quality screens and a professional installation to ensure you’ll be able to use this space year-round.  After you’re through, you’ll instantly boost your home’s value with an indoor/outdoor living arrangement that so many buyers are looking for today.  Even if you’re not planning on selling your property anytime soon, this investment sets you up to have more options in the future. 


For more details on how we can add a screened porch to your home, contact KCCS Construction today! We’re MHIC licensed to complete a variety of home improvement projects—both inside and out.  Feel free to check out reviews from our satisfied clients!  Then, call us to have your porch ready for spring and summer.

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