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All About Awnings

home awning

It’s officially spring!  Which means outdoor entertaining season is right around the corner.  If your home exterior needs a little sprucing up before you’re ready to host, there’s an easy way to amp it up, in both form and function.  Why not add an awning?  Before you dismiss the idea, consider the practicality of this addition, as well as the customizability.

Awnings 101

Basically, an awning is a supplemental roof/cover that attaches to your home or business.  For the most part, people install them to provide additional shade over certain areas, which can help cool down temperatures both indoors and outdoors.  Increasingly, they’re being used as a green way to lower cooling costs during the hot summer months. 

What’s nice is you can choose between stationary and retractable options, so that you can adapt your outdoor décor to the seasons.  If you live in a place that’s particularly prone to extreme weather and/or high winds, you should consider a retractable option more carefully, so it can be tucked away and preserved at times.  The look and feel of the awning can also be customized, which has never been easier than it is today.

Awnings Have Come a Long Way

When we first mentioned awnings, what did you picture?  Something striped?  Aluminum?  Flimsy, yet loud?  Well, when awnings first became popular in the 1950s, all of these characteristics largely applied.  Now, though, they come in a wide variety of fabrics, metals, and styles. 

You can choose options that are entirely made from wood, vinyl, aluminum, steel, etc. or have one that’s covered with fabric.  Modern outdoor fabrics tend to be woven, rather than printed, so that whatever design or color you chose won’t peel off or fade unnaturally.  Additionally, they tend to be stronger than their predecessors, since they’re a cotton-polyester blend, but they dry much faster.  If you’re concerned about harmful UV rays, most fabric awnings can block these while still allowing light to filter through.

As far as placement goes, there really are no rules.  You can attach awnings to decks, patios, windows, etc.—or even install a freestanding variety.  Match it to the style of your space with looks that can be modern, historical, rustic, or something entirely your own.  If you’re short on ideas, check out this website:

Also, don’t forget the upgrades!  If you really want a modern model, you can add remote control options, time controls, sensors, lights, Bluetooth speakers, or even hurricane resistance.  At the same time, we’re happy to work with your budget to ensure that you get what you want without going overboard.  So, before you send out invitations to this year’s first big barbecue, give us a call!

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