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April Showers & Awnings

retractable awning

With rain sweeping across Central Maryland (yet again), we’re getting a lot of questions about awnings. Although we have many waterproof and water-resistant options, that doesn’t mean you should test your awning against these April showers.  Instead, follow these simple tips to keep this covering in great shape—no matter what the weather.

Check Your Fabrics

Too often people focus on the wrong aspects of awnings.  While size and style are important, your fabrics come first when we’re talking about waterproofing.  If your primary goal for your awning is shade, then any UV-resistant option will do. But when it comes to rain, you need something more durable.  We recommend a marine fabric of some sort that offers resistance to both water and mildew.  So, it’ll stand up to April showers with little maintenance needed afterward.

If you decide to go with a woven fabric or canvas awning instead, keep in mind you may have more options for patterns.  However, they’ll also need regular waterproofer applications to maintain their condition.  As well as some strong stain protection intended for outdoor use.  Even with all of these extra precautions in place, realize that awnings aren’t meant to shield you from thunderstorms!

Remember to Retract

When April showers turn into April storms, your best bet is to bring in your retractable awning. With the right slope and fabrics, your awning can easily be used to enjoy a nice, light rain.  But when the winds pick up and lighting approaches, even the strongest awnings are no match for this weather.  After all, you’re probably not going to be sitting outside once the storm rolls in.  Therefore, there’s no reason to risk damaging your awning in the process.

Try to use your best judgment when deciding whether or not to retract.  Especially if you have a hand crank, you’ll want to act sooner rather than later to allow for slippery conditions.  With and electronic retractable awning, it should take less time to tuck everything away.  You just have to have power in order to do so! 


At KCCS Construction, we can answer any question(s) you may have about awnings—rain or shine.  We’ve been serving Carroll, Howard, Frederick, and Baltimore Counties with their home improvement needs for more than a decade. Allow us to install your next retractable awning this April and expand your outdoor entertaining area year-round! For more information on our waterproof options, please contact our office today.    

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