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An awning is a wonderful thing. With the push of a button (for those remote-controlled electronic awning models) or a few rotations of the hand-crank (on a purely mechanical awning), a well-placed retractable awning over the porch, door, windows, decks or patios of a house can literally create more outdoor living space with a zone of weather-protective comfort that blocks out the sun as well as it does the rain.

A retractable awning is almost like adding an extension of curtains beyond the confines of your Columbia MD home – and with the ability to request custom awnings in your choice of colors and style, an awning is a great way to set your home apart.

The Many Benefits & Varieties of Retractable Awnings

KCCS Installs Awnings from the Top Name-Brand Awning Manufacturers

We’re the Premier Local Company for World-Class Quality Residential Awnings in Columbia MD

There’s good reason why so many customers of Ken Cialkowski Construction Services are repeat business. Well, there are several good reasons, actually – like affordable pricing, always on-time scheduling and honest, neighborly customer service. But one main reason is that KCCS is the Columbia MD awning company with access to many of the best brand-name awning manufacturers in the industry.

A retractable awning is a complex product. It has to open without flaw every time, and close the same way – and if it’s “smart,” it should know when to do what. A retractable awning is more than something to cover windows, decks or patios – awnings are ultimately meant to make customers’ homes look, feel, and live bigger.

In a city such as Columbia MD, concerns about space usage are ubiquitous. Heck, that’s true for pretty much most of Howard County, Baltimore MD, Washington DC or Northern Virginia too!

But Columbia homeowners have a sure-fire solution to alleviating space concerns: Have a new retractable awning installed by the pro contractors of KCCS.

Unfurled, a retractable awning is a bit like extending the roof of your home outward, instantly giving you more space to live, enjoy nature, entertain guests, party, and spend more time with family.

Get the best awnings available. Work with the best retractable awning company in Columbia MD.

Ken Cialkowski Construction Services: Top Quality Contractor in Columbia MD for Retractable Awnings

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From a New Porch to a Roof Repair Projects, Contractor Ken is the Smart Choice for Value

Ken Cialkowski brings more than his vast experience professionally as an acclaimed 5-star residential home service contractor with decades in the business. As a Maryland native hailing from Carroll County, he’s proud that his son and daughter both contribute significantly to the family-owned light-construction small-business serving homeowners and commercial clients all around Columbia and Howard County . . . from Frederick and Westminster to White Marsh and Baltimore MD, from Northern Virginia to East of the River in Washington DC.

Together the family-run KCCS company is ready and able to provide you with a representative selection of most reputable of mechanized and motorized retractable awnings . . . then, once it’s delivered, correctly install the awning on your house, residential property, or commercial building. From picking your awning out to getting your awning installed and the entire process in between, Ken Cialkowski Construction Services LLC is your one-stop retractable awning company!

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Awnings have been a big part of our light-construction company since 2008. More than a dozen years later, the professional installation of retractable awnings remains a featured calling-card of KCCS – and a primary reason why we’re among the top contractors in Columbia, Maryland!

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