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Homeowners who are looking to add or change something to their home tend to look into repainting the house or adding some new furniture inside, not many consider the benefits of professionally installed awnings Maryland contractors can install. Those who have been debating whether or not adding a retractable awning on their property is worth the investment, here are some benefits that can change your mind:

What Are The Benefits Of Awnings?
The Ken Cialkowski Construction Services LLC team has been a family-owned and operated business that has been providing our services to several Maryland counties for over 13 years. From years of personal experience and working closely with clients, here are the most common benefits our team has noticed after the installation of the retractable awnings:

Reduced Energy Bills
Awnings don’t just cover an exposed patio. Once they are opened, they add more shade to the area which usually covers glass doors. The extra shade makes the home feel cooler during the summer months which results in lower energy consumption since the air conditioner no longer runs the whole day.

Control Over Exposure To Weather
Outdoor furniture are constantly exposed to external elements which leads to frequent replacements which add up in cost. The retractable awnings will shelter the furniture from UV rays of the sun as well as snow and rain. With limited exposure, the furniture can last longer before they require replacing.

Properly installed retractable awnings allow homeowners to change their view, depending on their mood. Aside from providing shade and cover during summer, the awnings also add privacy to the home as well as other uses.

Hiring The Experts
Seeing as retractable awnings offer a lot of benefits and use for homeowners and their guests, the Ken Cialkowski Construction Services LLC team emphasizes the need to hire a professional installation crew. Why? Here are the best reasons why our services are worth it:

Experience Matters
Trained and qualified awning installers guarantee expert installation. This means there is less risk in property damage as well as gaining expert recommendations on the best type of awnings every client needs. Without the right training and experience, the installation can result in disaster.

Full Service
It is a promise of the Ken Cialkowski Construction team to provide each customer with high-quality services from start to finish. Our skilled installers will do everything from ordering, delivery of materials, installation, and clean up to streamline the process and minimize stress on your part.

Professional awning installers should be insured which covers any injuries the team may sustain while on the job. Aside from covering the employees, we at Ken Cialkowski Construction also offer warranties for all installed awnings that can last up to five years. If there are any issues, our team will gladly fix them to your satisfaction.

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If you are interested in getting awnings installed on your property, don’t hesitate to call our team at (410) 259-2874 for inquiries. For those who want to learn more about our experience in awnings Maryland installation and other services, visit the Ken Cialkowski Construction website here:

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