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Your Back-to-Work Checklist for Back-to-School Season

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Time flies when you’re having fun, so maybe that’s why summer seems to end so soon. It feels like only yesterday we were making vacation plans, and now back-to-school season is just around the corner. Although we still have a few more weeks of fun in the sun remaining, it’s time to turn our attention to seasonal maintenance. Since you may not be ready to move inside quite yet, here are four outdoor chores to get your home in order for the new school year.

Trimming Time

A pleasant August afternoon is the perfect time for some seasonal pruning. Shrubs need to be cut back before new growth starts in late autumn. And if you have tall foliage that needs trimming, it’s best to do it before fall winds blow in. Pruning dead and weak branches also will save you on clean-up after severe storms and gusty winds. Additionally, keeping trees, shrubs, and vines trimmed and off your house will cut down on spiders and other insects entering your home once the colder weather arrives.

Roof Repairs

Maryland saw its share of strong storms this summer, so now is a good time to inspect the roof. Replace curled, loose, or missing shingles and look for signs of water damage. Make sure vents are properly sealed and check the chimney for cracks or other damage. It’s also a perfect time to clean out gutters and fix downspouts. Rooves and ladders make many people uneasy, so KCCS Construction is here to help. Give us a call if you need a back-to-school roof inspection or roof repair in Maryland. We offer a wide range of professional roofing work, and our handyman services can handle all your gutter maintenance.

Porch Preservation

Your porch, patio, and/or deck has seen a lot of action this summer, so it probably could use a good cleaning. Sweep and rinse off any dirt and use a putty knife to eliminate any debris that accumulated between deck boards. Clean outdoor furniture to remove dust, rust, and cobwebs, and once the summer fun has ended, cover grills and furniture or move them to the shed. 

Ask us about back-to-school upgrades, too.  We can update existing structures, or design and build new outdoor entertaining areas from the ground up!  Even if you love your current space, certain projects (like screen wrapping) can make it more functional before fall.  Just let us know what you’re looking for and our team will bring it to life.   

Garage Band

It won’t be as much fun as that garage band you had in high school, but the dog days of summer present a perfect opportunity for the family to band together and tackle some garage maintenance. Sporting goods, pool toys, and other summer staples can be organized and stored in totes. Once the clutter is out of the way, sweep up all the dirt and dust that gathered over the summer. If your floor is especially dirty, you might want to break out the hose and rinse it off. Don’t forget to give your garage door some attention, too. Lubricate the chain, springs, and joints, and replace worn-out weather stripping.

If you’re like us, you’re not ready for summer to end. We can help you enjoy the season a little longer by taking care of these back-to-school maintenance and repairs for your home. Honest work and fair prices are what we’re all about at KCCS Construction, so give us a call today for quality service the Maryland way!

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