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Before Your Memorial Day Barbecue…

Are you planning to host a big barbecue this weekend for Memorial Day?  Or maybe you’re grilling out multiple times this May in honor of National Barbecue Month.  Either way, you should prepare your outdoor entertaining space for the celebrations ahead! Let’s look at your current setup and plan how to use it effectively.

What’s Your Venue?

In other words, where do you want your guests to go?  Will they be eating outside on the patio or spreading throughout your indoor/outdoor living space? Try to make your home as welcoming and comfortable as possible.  Apart from ensuring everyone has ample seating, you should also think about staying cool.  Memorial Day weekend is already heating up, so your backyard barbecue is going to need plenty of shade.  With a retractable awning, you can easily add cover to your deck, patio, or porch. Then, adjust it later when you want more sun!  It always pays to think ahead for your guests and have a few weather-related contingencies in place. 

Feeling Festive?

Even if you’re frequent barbecue host, there’s a holiday weekend ahead!  Why not break out the decorations and do something a little more festive in honor of the occasion?  Of course, the patriotic theme of red, white, and blue is always a popular choice. But you can devise your own theme and turn your backyard into party central.  Go the tropical route with lush flowers, stunning fruit displays, and a dress code including Hawaiian shirts.  Or draw inspiration from previous decades with a throwback barbecue.  Choose from the ‘60s, ‘70s, ‘80s, ‘90s, or let your guests decide for themselves! Either way, some vintage décor and mood lighting should set the tone for a great gathering. 

What About Supplies?

Now, you can’t have a barbecue without plenty of food and drinks.  Start thinking about what you want to prepare for your guests in advance. Usually, the grill is the star of the show, so you’ll need options that can be grilled.  Will you be supplying multiple proteins?  Do your guests have any dietary restrictions you’ll need to accommodate?  If so, you may want to make a shopping list or get input directly from your friends and family.  Don’t be afraid to ask them for help while you’re at it!

Turn this barbecue into something of a potluck by asking attendees to contribute to the menu.  As you work on the main entrees, others can bring sides, drinks, and desserts.  That way, you have more than enough to go around and you’re able to actually enjoy your own outdoor entertainment. 

If you need any help installing or updating your backyard before your next barbecue, give KCCS Construction a call!  Our experienced handymen can handle a variety of home improvement tasks—both inside and out. We can fix up your porch, patio, and awning(s) in no time.  Plus, we’ve been serving Carroll, Howard, Frederick, and Baltimore Counties for more than 10 years. We’ll happily provide references for similar work upon request!   

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