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Get Ready for Leaf Season in Maryland

While leaf season brings beautiful fall colors to Maryland, it also means maintenance for homeowners.  If you’re not prepared, the simple task of leaf removal can quickly become overwhelming.  Which is why KCCS Construction is sharing tips to help early on in the season!  From preventative measures, like leaf guards and awnings, to practical tools,
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Better Deck, Better ROI

retractable deck awnings

Don’t let the sun set on your deck parties!  Or your ROI for this particular project. No matter what style you prefer, a deck increases your usable space, giving you the possibility of outdoor entertainment. But decking isn’t all fun and games—it’s also a fantastic investment. The popularity of a back porch or deck has
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Before Father’s Day, Cross these Handyman Tasks Off Your List

This year for Father’s Day, give Dad the break he deserves!  By taking these handyman tasks off his to-do list, you can give him a weekend to do whatever he likes.  Whether that’s indulge in some long-neglected hobbies or simply spend more time with the family.  If you need extra help with this particular gift,
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The Great Debate: Shower Vs. Tub

As you consider your next bathroom makeover, where do you fall in the great shower vs. tub debate? While both features have their pros and cons, it’s not always a matter of personal opinion.  You should consider your budget, your space, and your future needs before committing to one or the other.  In fact, have you
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Before Your Memorial Day Barbecue…

Are you planning to host a big barbecue this weekend for Memorial Day?  Or maybe you’re grilling out multiple times this May in honor of National Barbecue Month.  Either way, you should prepare your outdoor entertaining space for the celebrations ahead! Let’s look at your current setup and plan how to use it effectively. What’s Your
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Pro Tips on Picking the Perfect Flooring

Is it time to update your flooring?  Before you start flipping through thousands of options, take some tips from the pros.  We can work with you to find the best fit for your home, your lifestyle, and even your budget.  Ultimately, your flooring choice(s) should set the tone for the rest of your design!  So,
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Can I Use My Patio in the Cold?

Don’t let cold weather prevent you from using one of your favorite spaces:  the patio!  Today we have so many options to keep you warm and comfortable, no matter what the season.  If you’re unfamiliar with the latest technologies, stay tuned for a quick update. Buy the Fire The right fire feature doesn’t just look
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End-of-the-Year Home Maintenance

Now that the end of the year is a matter of days away, how do you feel about your home maintenance? Did you accomplish everything you wanted to in 2018?  If not, there’s still a little time yet to wrap up these home maintenance tasks. With the help of our experienced handymen, it should be a simple
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Before You Install an Awning…

awning installation

While we can help you install the awning of your dreams, there are a few things you should look into before we get started.  Depending on where you live, you’ll want to ask a few key questions prior to any installation. In cases of commercial properties, we’ll need to be certain we have the necessary permission(s)
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Are You Ready to List Your Home?

With summer on its way out, the real estate market is heating back up. Fall could be the perfect time for you sell your current home and upgrade to something new. However, in order to maximize your asking price, a little work may be in order. While we can help you with any of your
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