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Choose an Awning Color that Promotes Your Business

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After you decide on the right style of awning for your business, you then have to focus on the color.  Since this may be the first thing your customers see, consider what type of statement you want to make.  Will you go bright and bold?  Or choose a more traditional combination?  When it comes to marketing, certain colors send certain messages. Keep these tips in mind as you decide:

How to Match Your Branding

Hopefully, your business already has a solid branding concept behind it.  Your logo, font, graphics, and more should all support the marketing message you want to create.  The same goes for your commercial awning.  We have so many shades for you to choose from today.  But if you don’t find something you like, you may even be able to print your own awning with a custom color palette.

Just keep in mind that some colors may influence your branding more than others.  If you go with a green color scheme, you can put your customers at ease. Green hues make people think of money, nature, and health. While blue is also known for its calming effect.  It tends to evoke trust and wisdom in branding. 

Do you know what the most popular color for marketing is?  Because red is such a powerful color, many businesses use it in eye-catching pops here and there.  Just be careful about using too much in your awning.  Other bright colors, like yellow and orange, are often used to market to children.  They’re fun and youthful, but can turn some customers away because of their cautionary tone.  Ultimately, you’ll want to echo the colors you commonly use for your business in your awning design.  Don’t be afraid to mix things up, though, and add a bit of contrast.

Contrasting Colors for Effect

If your goal is to highlight the main colors in your brand/logo—without going overboard—then you may want to rely on contrasting colors. Neutral tones are great for adding contrast without detracting from your color palette.  Imagine an awning that’s largely black, gray, or white, with your logo standing out from the rest.  You can add design elements to bring in more color if that sounds a little boring for your tastes.  But the end result should be an elegant, yet understated finish fitting for any commercial awning. 

Your Long-Term Appearance

Although awnings are made to withstand the elements, not all color palettes can do the same.  Between the bleaching effects of the sun and the moisture we see in Maryland, your colors can change over time.  Bold, bright hues are especially susceptible to fading.  Dark colors may also show more signs of wear over time. Just ask us about options for UV- and water-resistant fabrics for your commercial awning.  Then, plan for regular maintenance to ensure your colors remain vibrant!

At KCCS Construction, we have the experience you need to design, install, and maintain the perfect awning for your business. With our help, this outdoor feature will promote your company and welcome customers!  In a colorful display you’ll be able to use for years to come. To learn more about your options and receive a quote for your commercial awning, contact us today!

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