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Creating a Contemporary Bathroom

If you like clean, simple designs, have you considered creating a contemporary bathroom?  This renovation project may be too modern for some homes, but it’s a great way to incorporate all of the newest building materials on the market. Without overwhelming even a small space! If you’re not familiar with this design style, we’ll share everything we know on the subject!


To be honest, a lot of people confuse contemporary and modern design.  Although modern sounds like the more recent trend, it actually references a design style that started around the mid-20thcentury.  With contemporary designs, it’s less about a specific time period than it is about the now.  This is particularly great for bathrooms because it allows us to incorporate the latest fixtures and bathroom features on the market!  So, if you love the idea of a smart shower, wood accents, and bold brassware, a contemporary design is the best way to incorporate all of the above!

Mixed Materials

Because it capitalizes on current trends, this particular style thrives on mixed materials. Whether natural or manmade, you can see any number of options alongside one another with a contemporary layout. Plus, it’s always changing!  If last year’s hot stone surface was a muted granite, this year it could be a synthetic marble lookalike.  Therefore, you can pick whichever option works best with your bathroom and your budget.  Just be sure to mix it up with some wood accents and metallic pops!  Even without a crazy color palette, these elements will create interesting visual contrasts for a sophisticated bathroom.

Simple & Stylish

Contemporary layouts work well for small bathrooms because of their simplicity.  But, realistically, they can apply to spaces of any size!  It’s all about how you scale the different elements within.  Take your sink, for example.  Many contemporary bathrooms feature a standalone or “floating” sink.  Which may be curving or angular, but always helps to save space. Even as it serves as a statement piece. The same applies to free-standing bathtubs and vanities that echo your design lines. 

Ultimately, everything in your bathroom should contribute to this contemporary style!  From your color palette, to lighting, to textures, and even your artwork.  If you need help creating and executing a layout—right down to the details—contact KCCS Construction.  Our experienced installers can create a custom design (contemporary or otherwise) for your new bathroom.  Plus, we’re offering free estimates and up to 15% off your next bathroom renovation for a limited time.  Call us today to learn more!

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