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Creating the Perfect Guest Bathroom

With the holidays right around the corner, your guest bathroom is about to get a lot of exposure. Are you ready? Although this room typically takes a backseat to the kitchen, master bath, office…and pretty much everywhere else. Take the time to really focus on creating a perfect space for your guests. They’ll certainly appreciate it!

Starting with the Space

“Space” being the key word. You may have made sure your master bath has all the square footage possible, but guest bathrooms usually get whatever’s left over. Depending on the layout of your home, this could be a sizeable area or little more than a water closet! When dealing with the latter, it may be worth it to rearrange some walls. Not only for your guests’ sake, but also for the potential resale value. Additional bathrooms are a great investment, but they need to be functional, too. Ensure that your guests have room to maneuver between the shower, sink, and toilet without feeling cramped or uncomfortable.

Add a Touch of Luxury

While you’re renovating, why not add a few upgrades? Now, we’re not suggesting that you create your own in-home spa as the guest bath. Or even going to the same level of luxury as your master bathroom. But make it nice! When you’re on a budget, it can be hard to spring for this expensive tile or that fancy fixture. Still, compromise is essential to any project. If you want to stick with inexpensive options for most of your finishes, then go for it! Just try to add one or two touches that look a little more luxurious. For example, a decorative tile accent along your shower enhances the appearance without breaking the budget. Since it’s usually a thin line, you need a lot less—which lowers the cost. You might even find the perfect amount on sale! Plus, they have a lot of different finishes now, including those that mimic high-end options like marble. If it fits your design and your budget, we say go for it!

Decorate Strategically

If done correctly, your decorations should enhance your efforts—not distract from them! Remember, you’re working with a smaller space here, so try not to go overboard with your décor. You can certainly add pieces that reflect your personal style and tie in to the rest of your home. But you probably don’t need an entire shelf dedicated to your seashell collection in here. Focusing on putting the items your guests will actually need to use on display. Think of lush towels, luxury soaps, and maybe even a charging station on open shelving. Not only will this encourage you to keep everything organized, but also it makes your guest bathroom more accessible. From here, you can really take the design any direction you choose: modern, rustic, classic, etc.

Although there’s not quite enough time to fully renovate your guest bathroom before the holidays, put this project on your to-do list for the new year! With the help of KCCS Construction, you’ll have a new beautiful bathroom space to enjoy for many years to come. Contact us today to get started!

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