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Do You Need New Gutters?

You probably think about cleaning your gutters every so often, but what about replacing them? Much like your roof, siding, and other exterior surfaces require periodic updates, so do your gutters! After all, they’re the first line of defense against unwanted moisture coming into your home. So, this month, be sure to look for signs indicating that you may need new ones.

Cracking at the Seams

Your gutter seams are the place where two separate sections meet. Unsurprisingly, they’re the most vulnerable to wear and tear associated with the elements. When inspecting your roofline, be sure to look at these first (especially near corners). If you notice visible separations, cracks, and/or leaks, then you know repairs are in order—at a minimum. A few of these can be fixed. But if it’s happening everywhere, then a full gutter replacement might be a better solution.

Troubling with your Siding

While you probably consider problems like peeling paint and rotting window frames separate from your gutter situation, in reality they could be related. When they work properly, they direct water away from the side of your house. When they don’t, the moisture often drains in undesirable places—like through your siding, around your windows, and even in pools near your foundation. Again, one or two spots of obvious water damage and/or mildew may be resolved with repair or by simply repositioning your downspouts. But, if you notice these signs throughout your exterior, it may just be time for a new gutter system.

Obvious Damage

We all know what gutters are supposed to look like. Ideally, they conform to your roofline seamlessly to provide ample protection. With time and extreme weather conditions, though, this appearance can change. Certain sections may separate from the roof, start to sag, or even go missing in the wake of a serious storm. If you’re able to catch it early enough and target the damaged areas, then you should be good. With older systems already showing other signs of wear, any one of these problems could give you reason for replacement.

Seasonal cleanings are a must for any homeowner when it comes to gutters. Unfortunately, even these won’t help them last forever! Remember, these elements are key to keeping unwanted moisture out of your home, so don’t delay if you notice any of these signs around your property. Fortunately, we can help you with all your gutter-related needs. Contact KCCS Construction for cleanings, inspections, and outright replacements throughout Carroll, Howard, Frederick, and Baltimore Counties in Maryland.


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