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The Dos and Don’ts of Awning Maintenance

Weathered, shredded Awning in the morning light

With the right awning maintenance, you’ll have on-demand shade and style for years to come!  Unfortunately, you can also damage this versatile feature if you’re not careful.  Take it from your local awning experts.  At KCCS Construction, we’ve been installing and maintaining homes throughout Maryland for over 13 years!  So, we’ve seen more than enough to put together this list of dos and don’ts.

Do:  Carefully Clean Your Awning

Although awnings are known for being low-maintenance, that doesn’t mean they require no maintenance.  Even the sturdiest fabric or metal awnings will need an occasional cleaning.  Fortunately, most models come with specific instructions on how to care for them. Depending on what type you have, you may only need soap and water.  Others call for specialized cleansers and ample drying time.  Just be sure to follow the steps laid out in your owner’s manual on a regular basis.

Don’t:  Try DIY Installation

Honestly, easy awning maintenance begins with a proper installation.  Whether you have a stationary or retractable awning, leave this part of the process to the professionals.  When you try DIY here, you can end up with noisy, unstable supports.  Not to mention sagging fabrics or faulty motorization. Contact KCCS for more information and pricing, so you can enjoy a safe, practical, and attractive addition to your home! 

Do:  Retract Your Awning When Needed

One of the best things about retractable awnings is their ability to move.  You can extend this feature for summer shade and then tuck it away while you’re indoors!  Just don’t make the mistake of leaving it out for too long.  We recommend retracting your awning when not in use—especially if you’re not home.  In Maryland, severe weather can come out of nowhere, damaging your cover or mechanical components in no time.  Be sure to roll it back at the first sign of a storm and let us know if you notice any strange sounds or stalling. 

Don’t:  Hang Items from Your Front Bar

As appealing as they may be, awnings aren’t really designed to hold a lot of extra weight.  Especially retractable awnings with fabric covers.  Avoid using the front bar for your hanging plants, windchimes, and/or bird feeders. Not only will you have to move these items every time you retract, but they could also bend the bars, causing your awning to collapse and break.  For this same reason, you should discourage any shenanigans involving this exterior element.  Don’t hang small (or large) children from the bars, since you could wind up with injuries to more than just your awning.

Follow these simple tips for awning maintenance and you’ll be able to relax in the shade for many seasons to come! Call the KCCS Construction crew for more information on your available options, then leave your installation to the pros. Once we’re through, caring for this feature should be a breeze.  Just let us know if you have any questions about stationary or retractable awnings moving forward!

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