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End-of-the-Year Home Maintenance

Now that the end of the year is a matter of days away, how do you feel about your home maintenance? Did you accomplish everything you wanted to in 2018?  If not, there’s still a little time yet to wrap up these home maintenance tasks. With the help of our experienced handymen, it should be a simple matter to take care of your to-do list and get a fresh start for the new year!

About Those Unfinished Projects…

Like that room you started to paint, or those handrails you partially updated.  Now’s the perfect time to finish them!  Our handymen can tackle pretty much anything from plumbing to porches.  We can even finish framing new rooms, repair/install drywall, and work our way outdoors to your roof and/or gutters.  Pretty much anything you didn’t have time to complete in 2018, we can cross off your end-of-the-year list.  Seriously, no job is too small!  And there’s no time to wait.  Call us today for a free estimate.

When Your Utilities Bills Go Up…

This calls for reinforcements.  We’re not just talking about our handymen services either.  Reinforcing potential gaps or spaces that connect to the outdoors should address any air leaks.  Cold spots and drafts you might not have noticed previously will make themselves known now that it’s officially winter.  We can help you double check your windows, doors, basements, garages, attics, and even electric outlets, looking for problems.  Hopefully, it’s just little things that can be fixed with some sealant, some caulk, and maybe some new weather stripping.  Either way, completing this task at the end of the year will lead to big energy savings in 2019!

Before Being Cooped Up…

Think about doing a deep clean.  Everyone assumes you should wait until spring for this type of overhaul, but ‘tis the season for indoor allergies!  The best way to address them is with a thorough cleaning.  Including the doors, the floors, the HVAC vents, and more.  Your home accumulates a lot of dust and dirt throughout the year.  Don’t let it follow you into the next!  If you find you don’t like what you see—even after you’ve finished scrubbing—then let us know.  We can help you renovate any room in your home.  How’s that for a great start to the new year?


At KCCS Construction, we’re grateful for all the local support we’ve received—not just this past year—but for the last 13 years!  We’d love to help you with any end-of-the-year home maintenance tasks still on your to-do list.  Plus, we look forward to working with many of you throughout Maryland in 2019.  Happy holidays!

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