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Everything You Need to Know about Kitchen Cabinets

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To make the most out of your kitchen cabinets, you need to understand the basics.  Between configurations, colors, materials, and more—you have plenty to decide during your kitchen renovation.  Fortunately, you also have a knowledgeable contractor as your resource!  At KCCS Construction, we’re happy to educate you on all of your options, so you can choose the style and storage that’s right for your home.  To learn more and receive your free estimate, call us today!

Doors or Drawers?

In the past, kitchen cabinets have been dominated by doors.  They’re the logical choice since they allow you to store items of various shapes and sizes.  Plus, you can easily hide kitchen clutter behind opaque doors in various colors. Still, we’ve noticed a shift in recent years. 

Drawers are becoming much more popular.  Not just because of the soft-close technology we’ve seen many companies introduce!  But they also have a lot of ergonomic benefits. Anything you need can literally come to you. No more bending over and digging through disorganized piles of kitchen accessories to find exactly what you need.  Instead, installing more drawers will force you to completely organize your kitchen.  With storage solutions that allow you to prioritize tools you use regularly and tuck away specialty items.

Cabinets that Make a Statement

If you’re comfortable moving away from traditional cabinet designs, don’t be afraid to make a statement. Today, we’re seeing more floor-to-ceiling kitchen cabinets that fill the room with style.  While also providing plenty of storage!  In the past, many designs cut off at a practical height, dropping sightlines and leaving lots of space unused. 

We can help you create a custom installation that maximizes every square inch of your kitchen.  Plus, we’ll include a fun rolling ladder or integrated step stool that allows you to access those hard-to-reach places.  For a more interesting visual element, consider including open shelving for your more decorative cookware.  Or leaving space for a kitchen pegboard that you can really play with.  Don’t forget to choose a fun backsplash that fills any open areas in between your new kitchen cabinets!

More on Materials

Of course, we can’t talk cabinetry without mentioning materials.  Wood cabinets are a classic choice that fit well with many design styles—from modern farmhouse to rustic chic.  They also come in a wide range of finishes, including rich cherry, exotic bamboo, and sapele mahogany.  However, they’re also a more expensive option (especially the rarer, more exotic woods) that raise environmental concerns for many homeowners.

Especially if you’re planning to paint your kitchen cabinets anyway, you may want to look at plywood. It’s a sturdier option than particle board or melamine that can be customized with any color you’d like!  You can even go for the two-tone look that’s so trendy right now.  With lighter upper cabinets and a darker hue on the bottom.  Or vice versa, if you prefer.  You won’t have to sacrifice either durability or longevity by going with this material.  Not to mention, you could save some money in the process!

For more information on your kitchen cabinet options, call KCCS Construction.  We serve Maryland homeowners throughout Carroll, Howard, Frederick, and Baltimore Counties.  Whether by transforming their kitchens or installing a new roof.   Our design team is ready to offer custom solutions within your budget.  Let’s get started today!

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