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Before Father’s Day, Cross these Handyman Tasks Off Your List

This year for Father’s Day, give Dad the break he deserves!  By taking these handyman tasks off his to-do list, you can give him a weekend to do whatever he likes.  Whether that’s indulge in some long-neglected hobbies or simply spend more time with the family.  If you need extra help with this particular gift, just let us know!  At KCCS Construction, we offer a wide variety of handyman services—big and small—for all your family’s needs.

Get Your Grill Ready

If you’re planning a big backyard barbecue this Father’s Day, then cleaning the grill should be at the top of your list. While Dad may love to grill, let’s face it—no one really likes this particular chore.  It’s not necessarily hard, but it can be time consuming. Especially if you’re following all of the steps needed to do it properly.  Apart from basic safety tips, like turning everything off and ensuring the tank is disconnected, you should leave yourself plenty of time to soak and scrub the grill.  To remove charred-on bits, some experts recommend turning the heat on full blast for a preliminary scrub.  Then, let it cool down and immediately put the grates into a bucket of warm, soapy water. While that soaks, you can vacuum out gunk from the bottom of your grill after you attack it with a scrub brush. Rinse and dry all the separate pieces before you reassemble your grill and get cooking!  Trust us, your food will taste a lot better once it’s cooked on a clean grill.  Plus, Dad will appreciate not having to see to this particular task by himself.

Prepare Your Patio

This is one handyman task we’d be happy to help with—whether it’s Father’s Day or not!  Your patio should be the perfect place to get together this weekend and every other one, all summer long.  But the elements can take a toll on even the best-constructed patios.  Between the pavers, the furniture, and other decorations, you may need to spruce up your outdoor entertaining space soon.  Fortunately, we can handle the hard part of this project. From simply replacing pavers to creating new patterns.  We’re even able to pour concrete-slab patios or other hardscapes that Dad can enjoy long after this holiday is over.  Don’t forget to ask us about awnings, too, so you can have shade on demand! 

Basic Handyman Help

Some of the most common handyman services include basic tasks, like fixing locks, sealing windows, hanging shelves, and more!  They’re not necessarily difficult, just time consuming. Especially when they start to build up. Rather than spending your Father’s Day weekend trying to tackle everything on your to-do list (or even part of it), you can hire KCCS Construction for this home maintenance.  Not only can you trust that we’ll finish these tasks in a timely manner, but also you’ll know they’re done right!  No more worrying about when you’ll find the time to fix that door or install this new light fixture.  Just leave your list to us and have fun spending more time with your family!

For more information on these and other services we offer, please contact KCCS Construction directly!  We’ve been serving Maryland for more than a decade, focusing on communities in Carroll, Howard, Frederick, and Baltimore Counties.  Let us know how we can help this weekend.  Happy Father’s Day!

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