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Get Ready for Leaf Season in Maryland

While leaf season brings beautiful fall colors to Maryland, it also means maintenance for homeowners.  If you’re not prepared, the simple task of leaf removal can quickly become overwhelming.  Which is why KCCS Construction is sharing tips to help early on in the season!  From preventative measures, like leaf guards and awnings, to practical tools, like rakes and leaf blowers, we’ve included everything we can think of.  Get ready to tackle this upcoming home maintenance.    

Control Where the Leaves Blow

Or, at least, make an attempt to direct them this leaf season.  You can protect key areas around your home by trimming your trees and installing protective features in key places.  For example, if you’re worried about leaves gatherings around your deck, patio, or fire pit this fall, consider installing some type of cover.  Whether that’s a permanent structure—like a pergola—or something you can adjust, like a retractable awning.  Either way, these fixtures should block the leaves from landing in your outdoor entertaining area(s).  Just make sure you clean the top of them periodically this fall. 

Don’t forget about your roof, while you’re at it.  Leaves have a habit of gathering here, and in your gutters.  Although your roof is designed to protect your home from debris during leaf season, it still needs some attention.  If left unchecked, leaves can spread dampness, mold, and mildew—deteriorating your roof and gutters.  Fortunately, you can install zinc strips ahead of time to keep mold at bay.  As well as gutter guards, which should help to prevent clogs and frequent cleanings this fall. 

Work Smarter, Not Harder with theses Leaf Removal Tools

You don’t have to work every weekend to keep your yard leaf-free.  Just invest in tools that will make leaf removal easier!  Of course, you’ll need a rake.  While they’re not the most glamorous tools, they’ve certainly come a long way in recent years.  We recommend choosing a wider model that should cut down on the actual time it takes to rake.  Look for ergonomic handles, too, which are better for your back. 

If raking isn’t your thing, you can try using equipment with a little more horsepower.  Like leaf blowers, yard vacs, or bagging systems for your lawn mower.  All three of these options make leaf removal much faster and easier.  But you’ll need dry conditions in order to prevent clogs.  They also require more investment, in both time and money, this leaf season.  We recommend reviewing these safety tips before you try to use this equipment for the first time. 

Then, have your bags ready to go!  No matter how you collect the leaves, you’re still going to need to haul them away.  Trade in your trash bags for something that’s more environmentally friendly, including these biodegradable options.  You can also repurpose a tarp you already own to move leaves around your property, if you plan to compost them or turn them into a natural fertilizer.  Have you heard of a Bagster bag?  Not only will this portable dumpster hold a lot of leaves, but it makes collection so much easier!  Just check to see if you have this service available in your area. 

If you need a hand during leaf season, let us know!  At KCCS Construction, we’ve been serving Maryland for more than 13 years.  To provide handyman services, home maintenance, awning installation, and more.  We’d be happy to help prepare your home this fall.  So, you can have more time to enjoy the season!

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