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How to Hire a Contractor for Your Next Renovation

When it’s time to start your next home renovation, you need an experienced contractor on your side. But with so many throughout Central Maryland alone, how do you choose the right one? While there’s no secret strategy for this process, we do have a few tips that should help to narrow your choices.

Start with Recommendations

This is one of the fastest ways to narrow your choices. If you begin by asking family members, neighbors, and friends—including Facebook friends—who they recently used (and liked), you should end up with a list of reliable contractors. Another great source for referrals is your local building inspectors. They tend to work more closely on the contractor side, so they know who’s who and what type of work they do.

Then Do Your Research

Now you can take your search online! We don’t recommend starting this process with Google, since that can be overwhelming. But, if you already have some contractors in mind, you can learn a lot more about them with electronic tools at your disposal. Be sure to check that their Maryland Home Improvement Commission (MHIC) license number is prominently displayed, on their website or elsewhere. Because, without it, they’re not certified to start any renovation.

Some other information to consider on your hunt for the right contractor is how many years they’ve been in business. While you shouldn’t base your decision entirely off of this number, it does help to know how much experience they may (or may not) have. Don’t forget to browse online reviews while you’re researching. Look for ones that provide actual insight to the client experience, rather than generic feedback or stars.

Talk with the Contractor Directly

At this point, you’ve hopefully narrowed your list down to just a few names. Why not contact them directly to see how compatible you are? Whether you speak with them over the phone or set something up in-person, this could be the interaction you need to make a final decision. When it comes down to it, you’ll be working closely with this contractor for a matter of weeks or months. No to mention trusting them with your home! So, make sure you feel comfortable with them and their processes.

If you want to learn more about how we work at KCCS Construction, contact us anytime! We’re happy to provide references and meet with you in advance of your renovation. We know how many options you have throughout Carroll, Frederick, Howard, and Baltimore Counties of Maryland. But we hope you’ll hire us as your contractor next time!

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