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How Much Rain Can Your Awning Withstand?

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Great question! Fortunately, you don’t have to test your awning in the rain to find the answer.  Just take some advice from your local experts. At KCCS Construction, we work with all types of awnings and we’ve seen firsthand what Maryland’s weather can do to this outdoor feature.  Before you buy into the waterproof hype, see what to expect from your awning the next time it rains.

Waterproof What?

When you see the term “waterproof” attached to awnings, it’s usually describing the fabrics and materials used in manufacturing.  You can find many marine fabrics today that are more resistant to mold, mildew, and other water damage.  Along with UV rays.  Still, that doesn’t mean they’re actually waterproof—or that they’ll keep you completely dry in the rain.

In order to make a decision that’s right for you, we recommend a little research.  Consider your options carefully before deciding on one particular awning.  Try to find reviews from homeowners in your area—or at least ones living in a similar climate.  Since we deal with all sorts of temperatures and moisture levels here in Maryland, you’ll want fabrics and metals that are designed to withstand ups and downs. 

How Much Maintenance

How much rain your awning can withstand will also depend on your maintenance schedule.  How often do you clean your awning?  Have you resealed it recently?  This step is especially important when you use vinyl as opposed to other fabrics.  With regular maintenance—including cleaning and applying stain protection—your awning will stand up to rain showers for years to come!  If you’re not sure how to care for this feature once we’ve finished installing it, just ask our team for advice.

Retractable Awnings for the Win

If you’re really worried about weather forecasts, you can better protect your investment with retractable awnings.  Because these features can be withdrawn and extended at will, you don’t have to leave them exposed to the elements.  Unless you want to, of course.  During light rain, you can sit under the cover to stay close to the action—without necessarily getting wet.

Once the storm starts to pick up, though, you can always retract your awning.  Just use your best judgement about when to activate this option. Light rain in one thing, but heavy downpours and/or wind gusts are a totally different story.  Don’t forget to ask your installers about manual versus automatic models to maximize your time when the weather changes. 

Afterward, leave the rest to us!  At KCCS Construction, our experienced installers will ensure that your awning is installed with the right fabric(s), and at the right slope, to help it withstand rain as much as possible.  Although that’s no easy feat in an unpredictable climate like Maryland’s, we’ll do everything we can to answer the questions—including how much rain your awning can actually handle!

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