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How to Maximize your Basement Renovation

basement remodeling

Having a large basement, for most homeowners, is a big benefit!  Not only does it provide extra space for storage and living, but it can add a considerable amount of square footage to your property.  In order to truly maximize this asset, though, you should finish it.  By updating a dark, damp space, you can add value and purpose to a previously underutilized part of your home.  Here are some of the more popular options for lower-level living.

Independent Living

If your basement is large enough to accommodate a bathroom, bedroom, living space, and/or kitchenette, then you have all the makings of a separate suite.  Whether you use it as an in-law suite, a guest suite, or a taste of independence for your teenager, you’re increasing the value of your home. 

While the additional electrical and plumbing work might mean a more expensive remodeling project, it’s worth the money in the long run.  It adds versatility to a previously unused space, while broadening your potential market should you try to resell your home.  If you have rooms that include windows and a separate entrance, you could also use it as a rental unit and offset the cost of your mortgage and/or the renovation.   

Family Space

For larger families, having a separate playroom or den can be a huge benefit.  Depending on what your family likes to do together, you can turn it into a mini movie theater, or a library, or even a recreational area filled with table-top games.  Traditionally, basements rooms have a darker atmosphere due to the absence of natural lighting, which is perfect for watching movies.  By moving the entertainment equipment and activity downstairs, you’re also providing relief to mom.  Instead of having the mess in the living room where everyone will see it as they walk through the door, you can at least move it down a level.

Organizational Overflow

If your basement isn’t quite large enough for the previously mentioned projects or you just need a place to put your family’s assortment of unused possessions, you can maximize this area in a different capacity.  Never underestimate the value of a strategic storage closet, laundry room, or mud room!  By using sturdier, more economical materials, you can save money and gain function.  Plus, you won’t mind using it for those dirtier jobs you’d rather not do in your main living space. 

If you have small children, you can also keep unsafe materials like tools and cleaning products downstairs, away from prying hands.  Whether you’re using prefabricated shelves, or custom-built ones for your space, it’s a great way to keep yourself organized.  Some people even store an extra refrigerator or freezer downstairs, along with a second pantry, so they can stock up without overflowing their kitchen!


Whatever your goal for your basement, we can help!  Winter months are the perfect time to start on this indoor project, so you can be ready to entertain by spring/summer.  Make the most of your square footage starting from the ground up.

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