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How to Winterize Your Awning

One of the biggest advantages to installing an awning is its versatility!  Unlike hardscapes and other fixed architectural elements, you have the option to either upgrade this feature for winter or tuck it away.  Not totally sure how to winterize your awning? This should help:

With Retractable Awnings

You can always fully retract it to protect this cover from harsh winter weather.  So, if you know a storm is coming or you’re planning on going out of town for a few weeks, go ahead!  Follow the directions for your particular model.  You should be able to easily tuck it back into a hood or other protective cover.  That way, you don’t have to worry about the effects of high winds or heavy snow. Still, it’s easy enough to reverse this process if we get a few unseasonably warm days that inspire you to get out and use your awning! 

Made of Sturdier Stuff

For many people, indoor/outdoor living doesn’t stop just because it’s winter!  Instead, they winterize their awning for continued use by picking more durable materials.  Today, we have a lot of options for four seasons cloth or canvas.  These can handle the additional weight of snow, ice, or other accumulation.  Plus, we try to design them with a slope that encourages everything to slide off.  You may still have to add this particular piece to your snow removal route, but it shouldn’t take too long!  If you’re really worried about the strength of your awning, ask us about high-end options for tubes.

More Moisture Protection

Awnings serve a very practical purpose, too.  In some homes, they help to shield equipment that needs to be kept outside.  Whether that’s a workbench or skiing accessories. If you don’t have a shed or garage area, we can add moisture protection to winterize your awning.  For fixed options, we could look at external blinds or shutters.  We also recommend awning roof liners, to keep whatever’s stored underneath free of condensation.  This is especially important when temperatures and moisture levels fluctuate frequently—a key component of Maryland winters.  Don’t be afraid to add patio heaters and exterior lighting to truly transform your awning area into an additional living space for your home. 

Who says you have to stop using your awning during winter?  At KCCS Construction, we can help you install and winterize the best option(s) for your home. So, you can use (or store) this versatile feature anytime you like.  To start browsing and get an estimate today, call (410) 259-2874!

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