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Ideas for Remodeling A Bathroom

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Winter’s getting closer, the rain, wind, and colder weather is already here. It’s easy to feel discouraged during this time, but one of the easiest ways to warm the body and mind is to have a hot bath in a newly renovated bathroom.

Business may be slow, but you can actually get a great deal for renovating your bathroom right now during fall and winter. Why not design and implement the bathroom you’ve always wanted for you and your family to enjoy this season? If you’re interested but don’t know how to even start, no problem. Here are a few ideas for remodeling your bathroom to get you started!

Start with a Theme or Vision

The first step in a remodeling process is to ask yourself what you want in a new bathroom. Do you want to be reminded of the beach or feel like you’re in a cozy rustic cabin? What kind of lighting tone do you want your new bathroom to have? What color would best serve the image you’re trying to see for your custom bathroom? You don’t have to have specific plans or design requirements yet, we can help you with this part. Just start by listing some of the features and design schemes you might want to see. Let your imagination go wild!

New Flooring

Perhaps your old bathroom flooring is withering away, damaged, or just isn’t to your taste. Starting from the ground up, this is your chance to make the bathroom truly yours. The flooring is also a great feature to design the color and feel of your bathroom around. There are a lot of options for bathroom flooring in today’s market ranging from hardwood, stone, and ceramic floors. These offer you a plethora of different colors and aesthetic options, but you should also consider how the floor will feel on your feet. For example, glazed porcelain tiles are noted for their diverse color options and smooth surface. Porcelain might be a great choice for creating a swirling color design that can also reflect light to add further luminance to the scene. Or, you can use stone tiles to have a very textured floor that enhances the grip of your bare feet while also adding a darker or rustic charm to the room. The options are limitless!


Custom cabinets will add convenience and a featured centerpiece to really pull the whole bathroom together. Consider whether you’d like to have one single sink connected to a vertical cabinet, or whether you’d like two sinks connected in an extended cabinet fixture. Again, there are many motifs you can go with here. Be sure to think about how you can maximize the space of your bathroom with additional cabinets that aren’t connected to the sink. You can use additional cabinets to ensure your bathroom never becomes cluttered again! 


There’s nothing like a new coat of paint to add the finishing touches to a renovation. After remodeling the structure and fixtures of your bathroom, think about how the wall paint can highlight these new additions. Your walls can use a similar coloring that echoes the design of the floor, cabinets, and even light fixtures. Or, you can choose a different tone to create a contrast that will let these features stand out on their own. For example, you could choose a tan or white colored wall that will give more emphasis to the multi-colored tiles and dark cabinetry. Say you wanted to have an earth-themed bathroom, selecting an earthy green color over stone flooring would bring your natural overtone full circle.

We Can Help!

If you’re getting ideas for your bathroom remodeling project, our professionals at Ken Cialkowski Construction are ready to help you define and then create your vision! If you find yourself ready to start the process, take advantage of our special: up to 15% off special for bathroom remodeling going on now! Our goal is to provide you with the highest quality of service and craftsmanship at an affordable price.

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