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Keep Your Gutters Leaf Free

 Like it or not, fall is on its way!  Which means keeping your gutters leaf free is going to be a challenge in the coming weeks. You may have already noticed a few falling leaves, but brace yourself for a lot more as we head toward September. Rather than spending every weekend clearing the gutters, why not follow these tips for easy maintenance?  You can also call the pros at KCCS Construction if you need help along the way!

Trim Your Trees

Especially the ones closest to your home (and gutters).  By trimming back the branches hanging over your roof, you’re reducing the risk of weather-related damage.  While also protecting your gutters from falling debris.  Although this maintenance task won’t keep you completely leaf free, it’ll help!  Just make sure you exercise caution when working on ladders and operating power tools.  Or you can outsource this particular task to the professionals.

Clean Your Gutters Regularly

Of course, this step is key to having clear gutters. Many experts recommend cleaning this outdoor element twice a year—once in the spring and once in fall.  While your first instinct may be to wait to clean until all of the leaves have fallen, that might be a mistake.  At that point, your gutters could be overflowing with leaves, debris, and misdirected water.  Leading to bigger issues with your home, like water in the foundation, basement, and/or crawl space.

Make sure your gutters are completely functional this fall by getting up there and cleaning them out. Typically, we start cleaning near the downspouts where larger debris collects and creates clogs.  You should pull out larger pieces first, like branches or twigs, and throw them into a bucket close by.  Then, to clear the rest, you can use a gutter-cleaning system with the help of a hose or leaf blower.  Whatever method you choose, just use caution.

Because this maintenance task does come with its own dangers and challenges, think about calling in the pros.  At KCCS Construction, we have the equipment and training needed to keep your gutters leaf free safely.  Plus, if we notice any issues, we can conduct the necessary repairs and/or replacements while we’re there. 

Install Gutter Guards

Now, this part is completely optional. But it could also be the easiest way to get leaf-free gutters long term.  Gutter guards or covers protect this element from falling leaves and other debris, while still allowing water to flow properly.  Research all of your options to decide which would work best for you.  Whether that’s nylon guards, gutter whiskers, foam fillers, mesh screens, etc.  Some of these will work better than others in Maryland weather, which can fluctuate between extreme heat and cold.  They may also require professional installation, so factor that into your gutter budget, too. 

If you have any additional questions/concerns, contact your local experts at KCCS Construction.  We’re happy to take a look at your gutters and recommend custom solutions to keep your home leaf free throughout fall. 

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