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The kitchen is where you come to be nourished, it’s where you spend a significant amount of time lovingly preparing meals for and with those you care about most. Having an inspiring, well organized space with a natural traffic flow can make the experience more enjoyable for everyone.

These are some of the areas of focus when approaching a kitchen remodel:

    • A fresh coat of paint –

a new color can brighten and renew a whole room

    • New or resurfaced cabinets –

update your style or increase storage

    • Update appliances –

we prefer energy saver models

    • New faucets and fixtures –

a new faucet can increase functionality and aesthetics

    • Specialty flooring –

from Italian tile to heated floors to wood laminate

    • Proper lighting –

illuminate your work areas and create a pleasant ambiance

Let’s talk! We’ll listen to your ideas and suggest a few of our own, and work together to craft and create a kitchen within your budget, on your timeline, that you’ll look forward to using daily.

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