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Kitchen Upgrades on a Budget

kitchen remodeling

Do home remodeling shows and social media posts leave you with kitchen envy?  Even if you’re on a budget, you can still refresh your space with a few key kitchen upgrades. Focus on areas you use all the time!  Like your countertop space, storage solutions, and/or a convenient sink. Be honest about your kitchen cabinets, too.  Are they looking drab?  Do they clash with the walls or other architectural elements around the room?  Most of these problems have budget-friendly solutions. Just work with your local experts at KCCS Construction to update your kitchen and improve the design—without going overboard on cost.

Convenient Cooking in the Kitchen

Make your kitchen a more comfortable place to whip up a good meal! Although everyone always focuses on the stove for high-end cooking, we recommend starting a little closer to the source.  If you’ve ever had a sink that was too small or too far from the rest of your appliances, then you probably understand why this is one of our top kitchen upgrades.  Sometimes your sink just doesn’t offer enough space!  Maybe it’s too small for you to hand wash dishes.  Or you crave the convenience of a double basin. Replacing the sink and/or faucet is fairly inexpensive—as remodeling goes—and you have a wide variety of materials to choose from.  Pick one that works with both your style and budget!

You can cut costs by selecting options that lack the latest bells and whistles.  Or you can splurge a little, if you’ve always wanted that farmhouse sink! But the best part about this particular upgrade is the fact that you can customize the sink without disturbing the rest of the kitchen.  If you plan on adding a new sink to your island (or a new island altogether), keep in mind, this will add more work and cost to the project.  However, these additions can solve both storage issues and lack of counter space. A stationary island can be wired for electricity or have a sink for extra convenience.   To upgrade your current island, though, we may want to focus more on the cabinets and countertops to totally transform your cooking space. 

Budget-Friendly Ways to Look New

If you want to change the kitchen’s entire look, new countertops, cabinets, and flooring can be pricey. Thankfully, there are ways to update your existing look without draining your bank account. If the cabinets are structurally sound but the finish is unappealing, they can be refinished (or painted) for a budget-friendly transformation. To go along with the refinishing, the walls can be repainted as well!  Did you know you can even refinish your appliances to coordinate with the new look of your kitchen? And sometimes, being “easy on the eyes” means reducing eye strain. New, brighter lighting can be installed, doing double duty.  As it saves your eyesight and calls attention to the other kitchen upgrades we’re working on. 

Don’t let the number of potential projects overwhelm you!  Work with an experienced contractor, like KCCS Construction, who can help you with design questions and budget concerns.   We can figure out how to best make of everything from a new sink to cabinet refinishing.  Visit our website to see some of our latest projects and even request a free estimate. We look forward to making your dream kitchen a reality here in Maryland! 

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