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At Ken Cialkowsi Construction Services LLC’s – Maryland awning company , we mean business, literally: KCCS is proud to be one of the top independent dealers and installers of Commercial Awnings in Maryland. Business owners can call Contractor Ken at 410-259-2874 to get a FREE estimate at no obligation, and see how many more customers they can attract, retain and keep coming back with a brand new (and custom branded) awning.

The installation of a commercial awning for a Maryland business isn’t usually the same as installing a new awning on a residential home, a service KCCS offers to homeowners. In both cases, there are many details to consider – and the pros at Contractor Ken always make sure that all the details are ironed out and agreed to while the installation process is ongoing, thereby ensuring that your business gets the exact awning it needs, installed just the way you need it.

So, when planning a Commercial Awning install for a Maryland business, Ken Cialkowski Construction Services teams up with the client to design, create and implement awnings that are both decorative and protective. For businesses dependent on generating foot traffic, one excellent way to increase visibility is with a large, bright, distinctive, clearly branded awning that’s both enticing and inviting, showing off your brand while showing customers right in. Contractor Ken has the experience and know-how with Commercial Awnings to make your business look even better.

The business owner has a few decisions to make when selecting a Commercial Awning for their Maryland business. What size? Metal or fabric? Electric or mechanical? Do we need to work with the manufacturer to customize your Commercial Awning with your company logo, graphics, or script writing in any font? Could your business benefit from the installation of specialty awnings, such as an A-frame, dome, back-lit, side-flap or shed awning? Which famous name-brand manufacturer will produce the right awning at the best quality for the least price: Sunsetter, KE Durasol, NuImage, Eclipse, Globe, Perfecta, Sol-Lux, Progressive Screens, Rain-Out Solutions, Ballews, another top-quality awning-maker? The independence of Contractor Ken as a Commercial Awnings dealer and installer in Maryland lets us give our business client all options for new Commercial Awnings.

For many businesses that rely on attractive storefront settings, the installation of high-quality awnings is simply necessary for doing business. Frequently large awnings are ideal to cover and protect your guests at restaurant patios, outdoor cafes, ticket windows, entertainment spaces, and performance venue balconies. Standard-size awnings are available to welcome clientele to storefronts, offices, and entryway doors. For reasons of comfort, of visibility, of marketing and branding and winning more customers, a new Commercial Awning installed by Contractor Ken is a sound investment.

Established in 2008, Ken Cialkowski Construction Services LLC of Central Maryland is a family-run father-and-son small business based in Westminster MD to perform licensed, top-rated Commercial Awning, Residential Awning, Bathroom and Kitchen Remodeling, and Light Construction jobs for homes and companies in Carroll, Frederick, Howard and Baltimore counties. Please call Contractor Ken at 410-259-2874 and ask about investing in custom made, professionally installed Commercial Awnings that put your Maryland business above the rest.

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