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One of the first things homeowners question Maryland awning companies before hiring them for their services is how will the installation save me money? Many see awnings as an extravagant addition to their homes that will only cost them money instead of earning them some savings.

While it is true that awnings, both the permanent and retractable types are an investment, they actually bring in some savings in the long run. We at Ken Cialkowski Construction Services LLC have seen this first hand. Here are a few examples of how awnings can save or even earn homeowners extra money:

#1: Protects The Patio Furniture
Patio furniture are typically left outside all year round which exposes them to the changes in weather with each passing season. While there are some outdoor furniture that are built to withstand the exposure to the elements, their lifespan is shortened significantly if they are not protected.

Homeowners will find themselves spending on new outdoor patio furniture regularly which will add up as years pass. While the awnings may not offer 100% protection from the elements, the shade it provides does help to limit exposure and extend the furniture’s lifespan earning you a little bit of savings.

#2: Additional Living Space Adds Value to Homes
The shade provided by the awnings increases the living space of the home. This is a major bonus in areas where living space is scarce as the additional shelter allows families to extend their living or dining room. In turn, the value of the home increases which is great for homeowners who are planning to sell their home.

#3: Reduces The Monthly Energy Bills
Perhaps one of the biggest benefits and the main source of savings after awning installation is from the reduced energy bills. Awnings, especially the retractable type can help cool down the home by adding shade during the summer and heat up the house when it is retracted to allow sunlight to enter during winter.

Relying less on the home’s HVAC system all year will result in lower energy bills and higher savings year after year.

#4: Better Ambiance And Increase Curb Appeal
Adding the perfect awning is a great way to attract the attention of potential buyers. Awnings are seen as a classy addition to a home which increases the curb appeal of the home. Potential homebuyers can easily imagine themselves making use of the additional space as their own which can lead to them making a good offer on the spot.

Impressing the neighbors or home buyers is always a plus for any homeowner, and the awning is something everyone can see from the outside, making it the perfect attention grabber.

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