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If you have ever thought about installing an outdoor awning or overhang on your Maryland home, you have to call Ken Cialkowski Construction Services LLC – Maryland’s premier independent awning dealer, deliverer, and installer of top-quality Retractable Awnings, Pergolas and Canopies.

Contractor Ken has been furnishing and installing beautiful new Outdoor Awnings onto Maryland homes since long before KCCS was founded in 2008 in Westminster, MD. We work with a wide range of manufacturers to find the exact right awning, pergola, window shade, solar screen or stationary canopy for your job. Our roster of outdoor awnings manufacturers includes Sunsetter, KE Durasol, NuImage, Eclipse, Globe, Perfecta, Sol-Lux, Progressive Screens, Rain-Out Solutions, American Louvered System, Sundance Louvered Roof System, and Ballews.

Whether made of metal or fabric, Outdoor Awnings make your home even more comfortable, attractive and inviting. But the reasons for calling Contractor Ken to install a new Outdoor Awning on your Maryland home go far beyond aesthetics.

• Awnings and Overhangs provide extra space for family living or for entertaining visitors – it’s like adding on to your home!

• Outdoor Awnings protect your health by shading out much of the Sun’s damaging ultraviolet (UV-A and UV-B) rays.

• A new Outdoor Awning can lower energy bills by keeping the Sun’s infrared (IR) heat from penetrating your home, forcing you to crank up the A/C.

• With so many high-quality options, there’s an Outdoor Awning that you’d love – that’s also within your budget.

• We can customize your Outdoor Awning to perfectly fit over, cover and protect your home’s windows, doors, entryways, decks, patios, stoops and porches.

• Many of the Outdoor Awnings manufactured today are controllable via mobile phone app; some Outdoor Awnings – the “smart” kind – can be configured to automatically open or close as it senses different weather conditions.

In Maryland, dial us up at telephone number 410-259-2874 and tell us what you most want in an outdoor awning (color, style, length, size, material, electrically motorized or hand-cranked mechanical). Our team of Retractable Awnings experts will scour the market for the best available option at your preferred budget, and we’re ready to install!

Want to see how your new Outdoor Awning will look after installation by Ken Cialkowski Construction Services LLC? Check out our online photo gallery at to view pics of new awnings we’ve installed for homeowners throughout Maryland! KCCS is proud to serve the counties of Carroll, Frederick, Baltimore and Howard, MD.

Call KCCS for a FREE no-obligation estimate on outdoor awnings or any home improvement/renovation project (kitchen and bathroom remodeling, basement finishing, porches/patios/decks, house additions and extensions, repair and installation of roofs and gutters, general handyman services, etc.). See for yourself how dedicated Ken Cialkowski Construction Services LLC is to exceeding every customer’s expectations with our custom designs, diligent workmanship and expert craftsmanship, as we work to Make Maryland’s Homes Beautiful. We believe that this dedication is what sets us apart from other MD awning companies. KCCS is proud to be a family-owned father-and-son small company with an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

When it comes to Retractable Outdoor Awnings in Maryland, Contractor Ken has you covered!

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