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What a difference a new Awning can make: Just by installing brand new, stylish, colorful, easy-to-operate Retractable Awnings on your Maryland home, your entire family will feel like they got it made in the shade.

But what IS an awning, anyway?

Made of fabric or metal, Retractable Awnings provide outdoor cover from sun and rain. Positioned over windows, doorways, entrances, patios, porches or decks, the Retractable Awnings installed by Contractor Ken offer the majesty of the Great Outdoors…with the comfort and safety of a protective canopy.

And protection is a key selling point of Retractable Awnings, especially here in the Mid-Atlantic region where we get all four seasons – sometimes all in one day! For sunny days, many Retractable Awnings are rated to block out approximately 99% of incoming ultraviolet (UV) light, including both UV-A and UV-B rays. On rainy days, Retractable Awnings allow you to step outside and enjoy all the elements of nature without needing to towel off.

Another reason to invest in a Retractable Awning is the control it gives you – it is retractable, after all. Whether mechanical, motorized or electrical, your awning can be unfurled, then rolled back up, just by turning a crank or pressing a button – in fact, some awning manufacturers have created mobile apps to allow for remote operation.

Not surprisingly, today’s Retractable Awnings can be “smart.” Ask us about window and door awnings that can sense weather conditions, then automatically deploy or retract the protective overhang. For Maryland homeowners looking to boost their home’s energy efficiency and save money on those monthly bills, this is a winning feature.

Family-owned Ken Cialkowski Construction Services LLC is Maryland’s premier independent awning dealer and professional certified installer of Retractable Awnings on residential homes or commercial office buildings. As an independent contractor, KCCS sells, installs, performs regular maintenance on and repairs Retractable Awnings manufactured by the best brand names in the business: Sunsetter, KE Durasol, NuImage, Eclipse, Globe, Perfecta, Sol-Lux, Progressive Screens, Rain-Out Solutions, Ballews, American Louvered System, and Sundance Louvered Roof System. Available in a dazzling array of colors, styles and patterns, the installation of new Retractable Awnings on your Maryland home will dramatically expand your available space for living and for entertaining.

Relax and enjoy the Great Outdoors under the cover of an attractive, functional Retractable Awning installed by Contractor Ken. Call us at 410-259-2874 for your FREE no-obligation estimate on new awnings, solar screens, overhangs, stationary canopies and garden pergolas. Together we’ll determine the best Retractable Awning product, then customize its installation to complement your home’s beauty – all within your budget.

Your home is more than a place to keep your stuff; it’s where you and your family get to enjoy each other and welcome visiting company. Newly installed Retractable Awnings installed by Contractor Ken, a licensed and insured awning company in Maryland with an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, is the best way to make your home an even better place to live.

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