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Modern Metal Roofing

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When you picture metal roofing in your mind, what do you see?  Large copper panels? Corrugated tin?  While accurate, those options are also seriously outdated.  Thanks to modern advancements, metal roofs are almost indistinguishable from other asphalt or composite models—at least when it comes to appearance.  As far as durability goes, though, metal tiles or shingles offer some distinct advantages!

Yes, We Said Shingles

Now, you can find metal roofing that mimics the look of smooth, slate tiles.  But in a wider variety of finishes and colors!  You can easily achieve a uniform appearance that blends with any architectural style.  Many homeowners choose this over slate or composite tiles because metal adds a lot of value to your roof.  During the summer, it can help to reflect heat—leading to lower energy bills. Then, during the winter, it sheds those heavy snow loads faster than other roofing materials, protecting the structural integrity of your home.  Metal roofs are durable and long-lasting in general.  Just work with a licensed professional to ensure these shingles are installed properly to maximize the benefits.

More about Metal Tiles

Although tiled roofs aren’t that common in our area, we still want you to know your options!  Clay tiles are characteristic of Mission-style or Spanish-style homes, but we’ve seen them add ornate touches to other architectural types.  Since metal tiles are much more durable than the traditional materials, you can try out this style without worrying about costly breaks and/or repairs.  Not to mention, they’re a lot lighter, so there’s less strain on your home’s structure.  With metal roofing, no matter what form it takes, you can expect better energy efficiency and a longer life span overall.  If you’ve ever wanted a tiled roof, talk to use about your metal options!   

Offering Traditional Panels, Too

Of course, we can’t talk about metal roofing without bringing up the traditional layout.  Vertical panels and seams offer clean lines and a distinct appearance free from the patterns associated with shingles or tiles. When installed correctly, they also provide better protection against the elements—like high winds.  As far as installations go, this option is easier and more economical.   We even have environmentally-friendly options that use recycled metals, from copper to aluminum or steel, to top your green household.  Did you know you can buy pre-painted panels for a low-maintenance pop of color on your home exterior?

Metal roofing has come a long way in recent years!  Although it’s a bit more expensive upfront, think of it as an investment that will outlast other options.  Even as it improves your home’s energy efficiency for savings month after month. For personal help reviewing and selecting the perfect metal roof for you, contact the KCCS Construction team. 

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