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Picking the Right Tile Patterns

When it comes to redoing your kitchen or bathroom, one of your most important choices always concerns the tile. Do you want colorful tile? Or patterned options? Maybe you’d like to go with a more uniform type, then add pattern during the installation. Fortunately, we can help you with any of these decisions at KCCS Construction. You just need to know some basic terminology to explain your design choices.

The Straight Lay

When you just want something straightforward and uniform, this is always a safe bet. In this pattern the tiles are laid in a traditional square format, similar to a grid. It’s best for beginners who are trying to lay their own tile, or homeowners who don’t want a flashy pattern to detract from the rest of their design. Here you can save a little money on installation, but still have a beautiful, water-resistant surface in any kitchen or bathroom.

A Diagonal Lay

Again, this is one you’re probably already familiar with. But, it involves taking the same traditional square tile from the straight lay and rotating it 45 degrees. Honestly, some patterned tiles are actually made for this style. (Plus, some standard options just look better in a diamond format). Although it adds interest to more monochromatic hues, you can alternate contrasting colors, like black and white, to create a checkerboard pattern. When going for a bolder option, be sure to balance it with more neutral designs in the rest of the room. Try using this pattern in smaller rooms, since it can create the illusion of more space with the right tones.

The Brick Pattern

Today this particular style is more closely associated with the popular subway tile. It involves using rectangular tiles and shifting each line slightly. Rather than laying the tiles directly on top of one another, you must use the middle of the previous layer to center the next. Thus, you get a running pattern that’s great for backsplashes. For a more modern approach, use a white tile to create a clean look with a little variety. Even better, it can be used for slightly uneven surfaces since it fools onlookers with its uniform appearance.

The Herringbone Pattern

Now, this installation requires a little more effort, but it creates a higher-end finish, too. Its classic V shape is similar to the trendy chevron pattern, but rather than meet in a point, the two tiles lay over top of one another at a 45-degree angle. Because this is a more detailed option, try to use monochromatic tiles or those with a subtle pattern. You’ll often see this used in outdoor spaces, like a deck or patio, since it gives the appearance of greater width and depth in a limited area. However, it’s also great indoors for shower walls, kitchen backsplashes, or even your floors!

Beyond these four, there are plenty other options to choose from when it comes to tile installation! We’re happy to provide samples of our work from other satisfied clients or create something complete custom for your home. Just give us a call to start the process with a free estimate today.



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