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Should You Install an Awning for Your Business?

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As you’re thinking about warmer weather, and what’s best for your business, have you considered installing an awning?  While this feature isn’t right for every company, it’s an asset in many commercial settings.  To help you decide, we’ll share some advantages our clients have noticed in recent years following this addition.

Improve Your Entryway

Encourage your customers to come in and get comfortable with an awning!  Not only will it give them a place to dry off and get situated, but it also helps to limit snow/ice buildup in winter.  This clear access will benefit employees and clients alike, even as it makes yourlife easier with less snow removal.  Don’t forget about what happens when it finally warms up.  With more shade and less UV rays, an awning really extends your usable space!  Especially if you’re working to cultivate a commercial space that really encourages people to sit and stay a while. 

Lower Your Energy Costs

Apart from making your clientele more comfortable, an awning is an important addition for energy efficiency.  Essentially, this feature acts as an extra barrier against heat gain, heat loss, and overall exposure to the elements.  As a business owner, this means you benefit from lower utility bills year-round!  If becoming eco-friendlier is one of your goals, too, this is a step in the right direction.  Lower heating and cooling usage leads to a smaller carbon footprint.  So whether you’re trying to move away from electricity, become a greener business, or just do your part for the environment, consider installing an awning. 

Promote Your Business

When it comes to design, awnings are your chance to get creative! Customize your cover with pops of color that tie into your company’s branding.  Don’t forget to include your logo and other recognizable features that will help your customers recognize you.  Although we work more on the installation side at KCCS Construction, we’re happy to recommend local businesses who can produce virtually any awning cover you would like.  

If done correctly, this feature can act as outdoor advertising for your business—without the marketing costs.  Sure, you’ll have some upfront expenses, but between all of the advantages we just discussed, your new awning will pay for itself in no time!


For more information on commercial awnings—or residential awnings—contact the KCCS Construction team today!  We’re happy to help you look good and improve your customer service experience, too.  Schedule your design consultation as soon as possible!

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