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The Most Common Handyman Jobs

Is your to-do list getting longer and longer by the day?  Why not get a little help from someone with the experience and know-how to knock off a few of those items?  Hiring a handyman can simplify important home maintenance and it’s actually more common than you think.  Especially when it comes to these household tasks:


Cleaning the Gutters

Not only is this a dreaded chore, but also it can be a dangerous one.  Without the proper equipment and care, what seems like a simple task can quickly result in injury.  Most people opt to let a professional handle this job, so their gutters stay clean and work to prevent any unwanted moisture from getting inside. With the right experience and a bird’s eye view, your handyman might even be able to spot other potential problems—so there are no surprises.


Flooring & Tile

No matter what room you’re renovating, chances are the floors will need some attention.  So, whether you’re planning on using hardwood, tile, carpet, vinyl, or laminate, the right handyman can install them all. Often this is tedious, labor-intensive work.  So, even if it’s a task you can do yourself—few people want to.


When you’re talking about more expensive materials, it’s a better idea to use a professional anyway. Acclimating the hardwood floors, placing the tiles in the perfect pattern, and installing the rest without any gaps or air pockets isn’t easy.  Why not allow someone with the experience to take care of everything and save you the potential cost of replacement materials?


Demo & Drywall

Whether you’re tearing it down or fixing it back up (or both), a handyman can help you!  Right now, open concepts are very in, but the process is a little different from what you see on home improvement TV.  Before you start busting through walls, you need to find out what’s inside—so you don’t damage anything integral and/or expensive.  Allow a professional to do a little inspection first and save you a lot of hassle in the long run.


If you’ve accidentally dented or destroyed your drywall—maybe you even inherited it that way—your handyman can repair that, too.  While small dents can easily be patched, larger problems will require a slightly different approach.  Plus, after you mud, spackle and sand, you still have to tape and then repaint the room! With the help of a handyman, you can outsource some, or all, of these tasks.



Handyman services are just some of the many that we provide at KCCS Construction, LLC.  If you have one of these projects (or something else in mind) on your list, give us a call for help crossing it off.  We offer free estimates for jobs of any size throughout Maryland!


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