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The Primary Benefits of a Screened-In Porch

Having an outdoor space to entertain is great, but if this spring has shown us anything—it’s that you never know what the weather will bring to Maryland.  So, consider installing something that provides the best of both worlds.  A screened-in porch has many benefits that you can enjoy year-round!  Including the following:

Adding warm and welcoming curb appeal.

Can you think of a more inviting picture than an open porch, with plenty of cozy seating just waiting to be used?  It’s the embodiment of American leisure and a time-tested neighborhood gathering place.  Not to mention, it can be the characteristic that sets your home apart from those surrounding it and provides a little curb appeal in this competitive market.  Especially if your house lacks dimension from the front, this can be a great way to fix that while adding architectural elements in line with your preferred style.  Be sure to integrate it naturally though, rather than sticking a traditional antebellum porch on a mid-century modern home.

Keeping the bugs at bay.

Unlike an open patio or deck, a porch helps you ward away common pests without harmful chemicals.  Simply install the screens and you’ve automatically got a bug-free zone without blocking any of the beautiful weather you’re outside to enjoy.  You can choose the ones that fit best with your décor and even add glass options for colder temperatures.     With this surrounding your home, you’ll only have to use citronella candles if you actually want to!

Bringing your living space outside.

Have you ever wished you just had a little more room?  Home additions can be costly, but a screened-in porch gives you many of the same benefits at only a fraction of the price.  You can safely set up extra seating areas, a reading nook, or even a play space without having to worry about your furnishings being damaged by the elements.  Use this opportunity to play with styles that wouldn’t ordinarily work with your interior.  Try brighter colors, more natural pieces, and don’t forget to play with texture!

Having the option to maintain privacy.

With traditional outdoor spaces, your comings and goings are on display for the neighborhood—whether you want them to be or not.  Thanks to the framing on a custom-made porch, you can add screens, curtains, and even shades if you really want them.  Thus, when you want a completely open, outside experience, you can have that.  However, if you’d like a more private, intimate place to spend your time, you have the option to cover up, as well.


Ultimately, this versatility is the primary benefit to having a screened-in porch.  If this is something you’ve always thought about, don’t let another season pass you by!  We can help you start from scratch, or refurbish an existing porch into the outdoor space of your dreams.  Just give us a call today!

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