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Tips to Help You Modernize Your Bathroom

Whether you’re getting ready to list your home or you just want a few more comforts for yourself, modernizing your bathroom is a great idea!  Traditionally, this room has always been high on everyone’s list of considerations when shopping for a new house.  It’s also a place that sees more wear-and-tear due to consistent use, as well as the heat and humidity that it’s exposed to.  So, if it’s been a few years (or more) since you last updated this space, here are some tips to make it fresh and modern.

Ditch the Chrome

Ten years ago, chrome finishes were everywhere.  As you look around your bathroom, if you notice this shiny finish on your faucets, towel racks, etc. that may be a sign that it’s time for something a little more modern.  Now, designers favor a slightly softer approach, with options like brushed nickel, or even a brass or copper look.  While you’re switching these up, why not change the style completely?  Gone are the round knobbed, clear-plastic-bedecked options.  Choose something smoother, sleeker, or just flat out more luxurious to go in its place.  Don’t forget to replace all signs of this forgotten finish!  Coordinating toilet roll holders, door knobs, and even cabinet pulls complete this updated look.

Choose a New Color Scheme

Sure, that beachy seafoam green was great when you first installed it, and that pink border really offset your color choices.  Now, though, lighter, cleaner colors are making a comeback—largely for practical reasons.  Typically, the bathroom is one of the smallest spaces in the home.  So, choosing a light, natural color will create the impression of openness, and even make the area appear larger than what it actually is.  If you had wallpaper in there previously, our best advice is just to strip it completely.  Start fresh with a new tone in a satin finish, so that it will wear better as time goes on.  Don’t shy away from adding paintings or prints to the wall; these can incorporate more color and design elements without going overboard.

Focus on the Shower

Sure, a big soaking tub would be nice, but how realistic is that option for your particular bathroom?  Unless you’ve got the space, you might consider following the trend of taking out your old (often unused) bathtub in favor a larger, more luxurious shower.  You can add new tile, even a bench, and, of course, replace the showerhead.  Small, weaker showerheads are a thing of the past!  Have you ever consider a rainfall options, or even multiple showerheads?  This can be a great way to take your bathroom up a couple of notches without blowing your budget. 


Before you get started, see how we can help!  Right now, we’re offering 15% bathroom renovations, so you can have the modernized bathroom of your dreams without spending a huge amount of money.  Whether you’ve got your own plan, or need a few suggestions, give us a call today for a free estimate!

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