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Top Home Improvement Projects During Winter

Many think that when the last autumn leaves begin to fall, all construction comes to a screeching halt. But this is far from the case. Actually, winter is one of the best times for you to renovate your home!

Believe it or not, the winter months can offer you several advantages. While this is a slow season for construction, that doesn’t mean the lights are off. Home improvement companies still need to work. Therefore, homeowners can often find lower costs and more flexible scheduling from home improvement contractors looking to make up for the lack of activity. So, why wait?! Let’s explore some of the top home improvement projects during winter.

Roof Repairs
Before temperatures really drop and winter storms become imminent, take advantage of late fall by having your roof inspected, cleaned, and repaired. Not only will this prep your house for decorations and great photos, but also ensure that your home is fully protected. Remember, the weight of snow and ice on your roof could potentially lead to collapse if there’s preexisting damage or rot. Don’t risk your family’s wellbeing, make sure your roof is sound and sturdy so you can enjoy snowy days in warmth and security.

Interior Painting
Even in frigid temperatures, you can still have your bathroom, kitchen, or other rooms painted in winter. Venting the room and employing fans will avoid the noxious fumes from causing hard, so interior painting is safe as long as precautions are kept. Because the painting is done indoors, the shorter days won’t affect the painting process. This means you can probably have your rooms painted faster than the regular season. What better Christmas gift to your family than freshly painted rooms that bring new life to your home during the cold winter months?

Kitchen Remodeling
Why not take advantage of the slow construction season and lower prices by creating the kitchen you’ve always wanted? As the season slows, manufacturing and supply prices for items like cabinets and windows drop substantially so that business will make the most off a full inventory left over from the previous season. Remodeling in winter will not only let you have your dream kitchen sooner, but you’ll also beat the spring price increases! Another thing to consider is sales on appliances that will be popping up during the holiday. You can apply those recent savings to buy new accessories for your freshly remodeled kitchen.

Basement Remodeling
Have you always wanted a man cave, or perhaps a family game center in your basement? Consider remodeling in winter, during which time the humidity that encourages mold growth in the lower regions of the house will be at an all-time low. Professionals will be able to work without worry of the elements outside so the process should be quite efficient. The work would actually be out of your way too since it’s in the basement. Along with the other winter benefits, remodeling your basement can also increase your home’s value while also giving the family an interesting new space to enjoy.

Hardwood Floor Installation
Again, lower supplies costs could help you save a lot in lumber supplies during the winter season. Why not take advantage of this by installing a hardwood floor? Once more, the lack of humidity in winter will help avoid water damage to the floor. Also, this drier, brisker air will help adhesives dry faster, so you can enjoy you floor sooner.

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