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Trends to Avoid in your Bathroom

Everyone wants to create the perfect bathroom space to escape (a little) from the everyday stress. The problem is one person’s idea of luxury is another person’s definition of gaudy.  Unfortunately, you can’t always rely on what’s trending either. To help you navigate the ever-changing world of bathroom remodeling, we’ll point out some of the biggest trends to avoid this year.


Water Inefficiency

A decade or two ago, jetted tubs and luxurious multi-headed showers dominated the market.  Now that people are becoming more environmentally conscious, they want properties—and bathrooms—that reflect this concern.  So, no matter how much you like the bubbles, trading in your old fixtures for something a little more streamlined with a water-saving feature will enhance your resale value much more.  Not to mention lower your monthly utility bills.


All White Everything

It wasn’t long ago that coating everything in a layer of white satin-finished paint was at the top of the trends.  Now, though, people are starting to realize (again) how difficult bright white is to maintain.  It only keeps that freshly laid sheen for a little while before it starts to fade and appear dingy.


In 2018, people are going for more realistic neutral palettes.  With light blues, greys, and variations of beige, you can add any fixtures you want without worrying about a design mismatch.  Plus, these colors hold up much better over time.  So, while you don’t have to paint your newly renovated bathroom the ever-present “arctic blue,” keep these tones in mind when redecorating.


Minimal Patterns

Who doesn’t love the pop of a bold print?  Well, in a tiny bathroom, a pop can easily turn into a flop, if you’re not careful. With a neutral palette as your backdrop, it can be tempting to do a feature wall here, a little decorative tile there, and fun, funky fabrics to tie it all together.  However, when you look at the effect it creates overall, it’s rather overwhelming.


This year, designers are taking a step back and approaching patterns with a more minimalistic perspective. You can follow their lead by moving your patterns to the floor, rather than on the walls.  Instead of doing a patterned tile throughout the shower, try a small inset or border.  Whatever you do, steer clear of chevron.  Though it’s been popular the past few years, trendsetters agree, it’s on its way out.



If you’ve got some of these former trends still in your bathroom, it may be time for an update. KCCS Construction, LLC. has been proudly serving counties throughout Maryland for over 13 years now, so we’ve seen it all.  Fortunately, we’re offering 15% off these renovations right now (with some limitations), so call us for a free consultation! 


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