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Valentine’s Day in the Kitchen

No, this isn’t your typical Valentine’s Day celebration.  Rather than whipping up a culinary classic in the kitchen, why not make a masterpiece out of the room itself?  While a kitchen renovation is a bit bigger than your traditional Valentine gift, it’s one you can both enjoy! 

Colorful Choices

A fresh coat of paint is a great place to start this Valentine’s Day.  Although pinks and reds are prevalent around this holiday, try to use them strategically when it comes to decorating.  Warm tones are thought to stimulate appetite, but they can easily become overwhelming.  If you really want to make a bold statement, try to use red or orange on accent walls or cabinets.  So, they’re there—but not everywhere. 

For more traditional options, a neutral palette that starts with white or gray provides the perfect backdrop.  Not only will it emphasize the clean lines of your kitchen, but it also allows you to update the color scheme with accessories, rather than paint, as time goes on. 

Faucets & Fixtures

Nothing says romance quite like the little things.  In your kitchen, that means your faucets and fixtures!  These particular pieces can take a beating over time, so updating them makes a big difference during renovations.  Just by switching out your chrome-finished ones for more modern (and muted) options, you can change the feel of the space.  Plus, it’s usually a quick and easy project!  Call our handymen at KCCS Construction for help with this surprise and we can pull it off.  If not exactly on Valentine’s Day, then pretty close to it.  (This will give you time to get your Valentine’s input, too!)

Fancy Flooring

If given the choice between flowers and new floors—who would choose the flowers?  This is one upgrade the entire household can enjoy.  Not just on Valentine’s Day, but for many years to come! The only hard part is agreeing on one option.  Today, we have so many to choose from!  Whether you prefer the practical wood laminate route or more luxurious Italian tile, we can show you a wide range of both.  As a way to combine the best of both worlds, you should consider radiant heat flooring.  It’s luxurious from a comfort perspective, but it’s practical for resale value.  Whatever you decide, just know we can install it! 


In case you haven’t heard it yet, Happy Valentine’s Day!  We hope you and your loved ones have a great holiday.  If you need some help to make it even more memorable, call us today for a free estimate.  From handyman services to complete kitchen makeovers, we’re serving Maryland in Carroll, Howard, Frederick, and Baltimore Counties.   

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