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Ways to Boost Curb Appeal

The outside appearance of your home is a major first impression to potential buyers, who often view the curb appeal as an indication of the scope and overall quality of the house. People want a home that they’re excited to take pictures of and show their friends so improving your home’s curb appeal is a sound investment that can immensely increase the value of your house! Another benefit of boosting your curve appeal is your increased satisfaction and confidence in your house. Let’s look at a few simple ways to boost your curve appeal and draw those interested buyers!

Clean the House

Having the walls and grounds of your house cleaned is one of the easiest and less expensive ways to boost that curb appeal for two main reasons. The first is that a clean house looks great and breathes fresh life into the property that will attract potential buyers. When you post pictures of your home for sale, you’ll want crisp images of a clean house that show it’s in good order and looks awesome in order to draw those offers!

Cleaning the house is also a great way to maintain the physical structure of the house and prevent paint from getting marred over time. If you start noticing dark streaks and grime on your walls and window areas get this cleaned as soon as possible. Grime can lead to mold which will damage the home and be an immediate turn off for potential buyers.

Prioritize Maintenance

The last thing a home buyer wants is wear and tear. Visually this is unappealing, but it’s an added expense they’ll have to invest in. Avoid this by maintaining crucial structures of the house. Take the time to go over your house and landscape to make sure there aren’t any major issues. If you discover cracking windows, faulty gutters, or roof damage, make sure to fix these before even considering the sale of your house. Not only will this make your current home more safe and enjoyable, but the money put into repairs and maintenance will be rewarded with an increased sales price. Remember, any way you can add convenience and value to your home increases the appeal to prospective buyers.

Lawn Care

Keeping your lawn trimmed and presentable is another simple way to boost curve appeal while making your house look comfortable and full of possibilities. If you find yourself wanting to customize your lawn further with a small garden or exotic trees, go for it. Making your house seem inviting with plants and lawn arrangements will make your house stand out to people and draw attention to the whole picture of your property. After all, you’re not just selling the house itself but also a yard that can host games and outdoor activities.


The fence is one of the first aspects of curb appeal that home buyers will see, so you’ll want to make sure the literal gateway to your home matches the beauty within. If you have a fence in need of repair, consider having it replaced altogether. A new fence makes the house look fresh and adds security to the home. If you’re considering an entire home makeover, you can choose a new fence to go along with your new aesthetic vision.

Time to Paint

Breathe new life into your house with a fresh coat of paint. If the color of your home is starting to dull or if the home blends in with the other houses in the area, a painting project will give your house the opportunity to stand out. This fresh look is sure to draw interested home buyers as well, which means you could have the opportunity to raise the house price.

Key Additions

Major additions and renovations may cost more than a cleaning, but think about how much you’ll enjoy having a renovated walkway or perhaps a new deck to grill out on. Then, if you decide to sell your home, these new features will dramatically increase the sales value of your house which will make up the costs of these additions, and likely additional profit too!

A deck overlooking the front or backyard will make your home look very inviting to guests which will give interested buyers ideas for parties and ways to utilize the space. A patio offers a relaxing center for social gatherings or private relaxation that makes one feel at one with the already dazzling curb appeal. Additions like these not only add comforts but make the house look more spacious, warm, and interesting.

We Can Help!

Are you ready to start boosting your curb appeal now, or, perhaps set future plans? It’s never too late improve your home so if you’re ready to think about ways to enhance or repair your home, our team at Ken Cialkowski Construction is ready to help! If you’re considering remodeling your bathroom this winter, take advantage of special: up to 15% off for bathroom remodels going on now! Our goal is to provide you with the highest quality of service and craftsmanship at an affordable price.

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