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Ways to Organize your Kitchen

Between hosting holiday dinners and the general business of everyday life, you may find the kitchen hard to keep in order. Organizing your kitchen may seem daunting, but taking time to establish order will save you a lot of time and stress in the long run. And let’s be honest an organized kitchen will look and function so much better! Let’s delve into a few easy ways to organize your kitchen.

Organize the Cabinets and Drawers

The kitchen cabinets are a major asset to the cooking space. Aside from the design they add to the room, this is where you’ll house a lot of your cooking supplies. However, if your cabinets are jampacked or disheveled the cooking process could become unnecessarily chaotic. You may also find yourself leaving items on countertops due to lack of space. Not only will this create clutter, but it also means you aren’t using your cabinets to their full potential. Avoid this by doing a general sorting of what you keep in those cabinets.

Group like things together to help you have a general idea of where specific items are positioned. Be sure to also consider the size of containers so that you can fit as many items as possible without the contents becoming too jam-packed. Consider incorporating dividers or spice racks into drawers to help you with the process. These will keep items from being just mixed into the cabinet while giving each item a specific spot to be placed.

Use Clear Containers

Being able to clearly see cooking items will help you avoid confusing containers and save time. If you like to keep flour, sugar, or even cereal on the kitchen counter, using transparent storage containers will help you reduce the use of counter space. Try to arrange these containers as vertical as possible, stack them as long as the materials within are secure. This will enable you to quickly identify which container you need while are opening up cabinet drawer space for other uses. Taking advantage of vertical space also frees up your general workspace without the risk of you bumping into random items and containers.

Add a Kitchen Island

If you find yourself still strapped for space, consider investing in a kitchen island to add additional counter space and storage. Islands can either be custom made or bought as they are. Islands come in a variety of sizes and designs, some islands are even mobile, so you have a lot of choices for specific features. Once again, additional storage space allows you to reduce the number of things you have on the counter space to allow for a more convenient range of movement and the chance to easily stage meal preparation.

Consider Remodeling

Sometimes a kitchen needs more work than just simple reorganization. If you find that your kitchen is cramped or no longer a fun place to cook in, consider remodeling your kitchen to revitalize the space and add features to enhance the organization. Bring in more extensive cabinetry that is customized for your specific needs. Add new lighting to make the room seem more ornate and add much-needed illumination to your cooking space. Your options for enhancing your kitchen are endless. Our professionals at Ken Cialkowski Construction are ready to help you define and then create your vision! Our goal is to provide you with the highest quality of service and craftsmanship at an affordable price.

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