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What’s a Pergola?

This type of outdoor structure is more common than you might think!  A pergola allows you to create the perfect entertaining area—just in time for spring.  You can customize your structure, your shade, and even the surrounding landscape.  Whether you want something whimsical or practical, we can help you install a new pergola this season.

A Simple Structure

Despite the exotic-sounding name, pergolas are really quite simple. They’re a series of vertical posts—typically four or more—which usually support an open archway or grid of rafters. Depending on your preference, you can create a lattice pattern, a closely-slatted ceiling, or a largely open structure that allows for plenty of sunlight and plant life to come through. Its simplicity makes it much more affordable, which then allows you to extend your pergola as far as you’d like! 

A Unique Entertaining Space

We’ve all seen porches, patios, awnings, and gazebos.  But how many of your friends and neighbors have a pergola? Take advantage of this structure to create defined outdoor living spaces.  Use it to highlight a dining area separate from your grill.  Or may you’d prefer to add extra latticework for more privacy, creating a chic lounge area.  What’s even better is you can use your pergola to enhance existing structure(s). So, if you have a patio currently with a shortage on shade, call KCCS Construction!  We can customize a pergola that connects to this space seamlessly, making your yard even more versatile.

A Plant Paradise

The open design of most pergolas allows you to get creative with your landscaping.  A lot of homeowners take advantage of the latticework with climbing plants like ivy, clematis, wisteria, honeysuckle, or grape vines!  They’ll look green and luscious through spring, summer, and fall, while adding to the overall shade and privacy of your pergola.  Don’t forget about the space underneath too! You can always maximize on the spotty sunlight with strategically-placed potted plants or even a container garden. Use the open grid that acts as a ceiling for your hanging plants, too!  In no time, you’ll have a luscious lounge area in your own backyard.

Hopefully now you have a better idea of what a pergola is and what it does! If this sounds like something you’d like in your outdoor space, call us. At KCCS Construction, we can handle a wide variety of projects—both inside your home and out.  For a personalized quote on your new pergola or awning, contact our office today!

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