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Which Awning Is Right for You?

outdoor awnings

Rain, sleet, snow, and the scorching sun don’t have to interfere with outdoor activities.  Not with the right awning installation! Rather than sweating out your summer party or calling a rain delay at your next reunion, opt for the peace of mind an awning provides. Whatever weather comes your way, you’ll be protected with this practical installation over your deck, patio, or porch. With four main types to choose from, there is an awning for any budget.

Top of the Line: Motorized Retractable

You’ll have it made in the shade with a motorized retractable awning. Nothing could be easier than opening or closing your cover now that you only need to push a button. And with a remote control, you can adjust your awning from the comfort of your favorite deck chair. Many models even allow you to control the pitch for a customized canopy. You won’t have to worry about harsh practice or high winds either, since a retractable unit can be withdrawn to protect it from damage. Although awning prices vary depending upon the materials and size you choose, you may need to prepare for a more expensive installation with this type.  But the convenience can’t be beat!   

The More Practical Manual Retractable

For homeowners on a budget who are still longing for luxury, manual retractable awnings are an ideal choice. These models offer the same functionality and versatility of their motorized counterparts, but at a significant savings. A hand crank allows for easy opening and closing in under a minute. These awnings can even be optimized with dimming LED lights, so the fun doesn’t need to end once the sun goes down. At KCCS Construction, we are licensed installers of SunSetter awnings, and we can quickly install one of their popular and high-quality manual retractable awnings on your property. 

Stationary Awnings & Shade

Another popular option, stationary awnings offer homeowners a greater choice of size, shape, and style than retractable models. These awnings become a permanent part of your home, and the lack of moving parts means you’ll also pay less. Stationary awnings are well suited for residential areas but are ideal for commercial enterprises that want to advertise a name or logo. Since these awnings must be mounted to the wall of your house, be sure to call the professionals at KCCS Construction. We’ve been offering professional awning installation in Maryland for more than 13 years!

And Finally, Freestanding Options

If you have commitment issues, a freestanding awning may be perfect for you. These units can be moved at will, so you’re never locked into placement or position. Many freestanding awnings are retractable, which also enables them to be portable. Other versions are fixed with four heavy support posts, making them sturdy but not as practical for packing up and taking to the beach or on a camping trip.

There are many options when it comes to awnings, but one thing is clear: they add beauty, functionality, and value to any home or property. If you’re considering an awning for your home (or commercial establishment), give us a call today for a free estimate. Our commitment to quality means we get every job done on time and on budget!

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